Larsan's Beauty Supply
Our Products. Your Talent. Beauty Delivered.

Larsan’s Beauty Supply is an independent wholesaler/distributor of products, tools, and equipment to salons and the licensed beauty professionals that practice their craft within those salons. We are a family owned business that has been partnering with talented salon professionals since 1980. Larsan’s is the exclusive distributor in the State of Indiana of many of our brands and products. For many of our brands, we deal directly with product manufacturers, creating a streamlined supply chain from production to salon client.
We believe that our role is to help you, our salon professional partners, exceed the expectations of your clients. If we are not completely aligned with you on that objective, we are not doing our job. Larsan’s understands that there is risk in introducing new brands or products to your clients and that your, and our, reputations are at stake. As a locally owned and operated beauty supplier, we are able to stay informed of, and respond to, local trends and changing customer desires and demands. Nobody is dictating the brands and products that we offer, allowing us to seek only those that we feel will meet the ever-rising client expectations. This independence is becoming increasingly rare as the control over the beauty supply industry by the big beauty brands continues to grow.
We also understand that salon professionals have a choice as to where they obtain the products and tools that they use, and this drives how we do business. A primary objective of ours is to offer professional products that compliment the talents of salon professionals and contribute to the delivery of beauty to salon clients. As our tagline says – Our Products. Your Talents. Beauty Delivered. Consistent with this realization, Larsan’s is also focused on maximizing the value and satisfaction obtained by both salon professionals and their clients, and we believe our position and brands are instrumental to making that a reality.
Given our role as the sole distributor throughout Indiana of many of our brands, we are able to supply an element of exclusivity through our products. We are proud to also be the only current distributor in Indiana of multiple other brands that have only recently become available within the state, extending the distinctiveness that differentiates our offerings.
As is probably clear by now – Larsan’s gets it. We realize that it is not about us. It is about helping salon professionals achieve success by contributing to their ability to please clients. If we can’t do that, we won’t exist. Since 1980 Larsan’s has thrived in this regard, through our dedication to providing superior customer service and offering high-quality, professional products. Continued focus on those standards will characterize our partnerships into the future.
Larsan's Beauty Supply

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